Time Tunnel

Commissioned by AnySegment Magazine, under the theme of "Journey of Age".

time tunnel.jpg

Art inhabited my earliest memories from when I was just 2 years old. Then it got overshadowed for a time, sacrificed for academics. Now I have returned to art, choosing the end of my story through vibrant colors and subtle narratives, shading over the monotony of normative employment through freelance illustration. 

This drawing is about my own journey. Relinquishing all things superficial as I dive into the time tunnel made of paints, leading me back to the artist core of my childhood. Like the cyclical tide of an ocean rolling in and out, this piece is a reminder that in some ways life is a loop. An ending continuum whereby you have to return to your  earliest acts of happiness to find contentment today and for all the days to come. (©AnySegment)

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